The List


1. Visit Canada.
2. Visit one Asian country.
3. Visit Iceland.
4. See the Northern Lights.
5. Return to Italy.


6. Start a PhD.
7. Have a completed draft of a new novel.
8. Win a writing cash prize.
9. Take a journalism course.
10. Go on a writing retreat.
11. Teach a writing course/class.
12. Get paid for an article/piece of journalism.

Personal Goals

13. Achieve basic conversational level in one other language.
14. Run a half-marathon.
15. Start a PhD.
16. Hit 10k in personal savings.
17. Reach my goal weight of 130lb.
18. Conquer a fear.
19. Plan our Handfasting.

Giving Back

20. Train as a volunteer rape crisis counsellor.
21. Donate blood.
22. Go on a really important march/protest.
23. Raise £5,000 for charity.

Just for Fun

24. Watch the sun rise on the beach.
25. Visit a Michelin-starred restaurant.
26. See a live classical concert.
27. Take a barista/coffee making class.
28. Go on a hot air balloon flight.
29. Knit something wearable (more complex than a scarf!)

And after all this…

30. Plan an epic 30th birthday celebration.