Jun 222018

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I’m writing this on Friday evening. On Tuesday, I turned twenty-eight. As my partner Styx kindly pointed out to me, “you’re almost thirty!” I don’t really mind getting older. I’m not scared of the Big Three-Oh and I don’t particularly see it as some kind of arbitrary cut off point. I am, however, a goal-oriented person, a fan of lists, and a writer. This project – and writing about it on this blog – is the perfect meeting of these three things.

Not everything on the list is some big, life-altering adventure. Some of the items are boring but life-improving personal goals around things like my health and my finances. Lots are related to my writing career goals. Some are ways I want to give back and do my small amount towards making the world a better place. And some are just for fun, things I’d enjoy doing but won’t make time for unless I put it on a list and commit to doing it.

I told a few people I was doing a thirty-things-before-thirty list before this went live, and they all assumed it would be filled with nothing but travel goals. And honestly, earlier drafts of this list were. But (alas!) I do not have unlimited money or free time, so thirty exotic travel goals in two years would just be patently unrealistic. The point of this list is to be challenging but achievable. Paring down my travel goals to only five (and only two outside Europe) was hard, but this is what I think we can realistically afford. Places I desperately want to go, and believe I will go some day – Australia, New Zealand, Japan – didn’t make it to the list.

I’m partly doing this because I suffer from a bad case of “some day”. You know how it goes. One day… Eventually… When I’m older… When I’ve got more time… We all procrastinate, even on the things we really want to know. A deadline, no matter how arbitrary and self-imposed, is a motivator. Thirty-by-Thirty is my challenge to myself, to make the most of the next two years and not put off until “some day” what I can do sooner.

This blog is my invitation to you to come along with me on the journey…

Jess Amy
22 June 2018

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